February 2019


FusionExperience passes its ISO27 audit by QMS, using its own FusionComply ‘BoxedComply’ corporate online platform and methods for the third consecutive year.

December 2018

Fusion along with its partner RedShield in December 2018 secured a major corporate’ that encountered critical GDPR risks in a core business system, that required urgent remedial action in days to avoid a return to manual forms processing.  

January 2017

Today sees an exciting new chapter for FusionExperience as we have sold our Software Solution Business, NovumIP to Novagraaf.

 London, January 2018

We are pleased to announce that Dave King has joined the FusionExperience Advisory Board.

Dave has 25+ years experience gained within the financial services sector, primarily fund management.

In 1998, he set up the consulting division of Tiger Consultants limited and sold it in 2008 to FusionExperience.

Dave brings with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

London, January 2017

FusionComply is a dedicated division of the FusionExperience family focused on Compliance, bringing together key capabilities of the group to act as a provider of GDPR, privacy management, privacy control and security control services. Our services include Independent Data Protection Officer roles, cyber-protection, gap analysis, resourcing, record keeping and planning.

Check out: www.fusioncomply.com for more information.

London, UK.  11th October, 2016

The next 12 months will be crucial for the future of patents in the UK. Those within the IP industry must do more to raise awareness of its benefits as altering the perception of Intellectual Property in Britain is becoming a huge challenge for IP professionals. As such, World IP Day is an initiative which brings patents to the fore and is crucial for the industry’s long term future.

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London, UK.  11th October, 2016

Entrepreneurs are at the vanguard of innovation, but not all have to be one-man bands, says Steve Edkins.

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London, UK.  15th February, 2016

As part of thier ongoing promotion of the Salesforce ISV programme, Salesforce.com have published an eBook that showcases the best of their ISV partners.

NovumIP, from our subsidiary Company Novum Global Strategies features as the first case study.

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 London, UK.  8th February, 2016.

Joan Mill’s views on the Patent Box Initiative and her recommendations on how to make the UK more attractive to foreign investment.

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London, UK. 8th December, 2015

Coverage in both the print and online edition of Intellectual Property Magazine, with Joan Mill’s take on how businesses can employ software in IP matters

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