Unlock the value hidden in data

We offer services to create industry specific solutions to transform the way organizations use their data in order to solve complex business problems.

Our unique approach enables organizations to define and use their data in a relevant and meaningful way to unlock the value hidden in data; insights historically hidden in data are uncovered to identify new markets and revenue streams, reduce cost and reduce risk previously unknown.

Through configured solutions using our suite of products and branded apps, Ignoto empowers corporates, regulators, governments, and non-profit institutions across a wide range of industries to work smarter and faster for supporting decisions that matter.

Ignoto and our associated Big Data Services are the perfect solution for generating automated Key Performance Indicators and events for "Sensing early, responding quickly".

Innovation is at the core of everything we do at FusionExperience and is driven by our Sense-and-Respond Maturity and Measurement Model™.

Big Data Projects

  • Know your client
  • Anti-money laundering
  • Forensic investigation
  • Monitorship
  • E-discovery / E-disclosure
  • Derivatives
  • Bespoke Solutions



'FusionExperience can enter the change cycle at any stage and add value… whether the requirement is a project turnaround, PMO setup, strategic realignment or full scale governance programme'

FusionExperience's Change Management Solution

FusionExperience brings a combination of deep domain knowlege, process expertise and individual competence to ensure the highest possible chance of achieving your desired outcome.

We will share in the risk of the endeavour; linking fees to the achievement of benefits.

Our Credentials

  • Experience - More than 300 man-years of change delivery and management experience
  • Domain Knowledge - Acknowledged leaders in asset management processes and technology
  • Track Record of Success - Successful delivery of compex and cutting-edge business change
  • Problem Ownership - more than just advisors
  • Startup collateral - We start your change initiative with signifgicant relevant tempates and other collateral


Through governance and management sized to the complexty and risk of the endeavour we:

  • Reduce the risks of project or program failure
  • Provide experience which aids issue identification and resolution
  • Provide planning that gives direction for resource deployment
  • Provide leadership that inspires conficence in the outcome
  • Facilitate you making step change improvements in capability
  • Ensure transparency of information and buy-in from all relevant stakeholders




'FusionExperience can assist you in developing marketing, product development, technology and operational strategies for existing or new markets on a partnership and/or acquisition basis'

FusionExperience's Business Strategy Solution

Board Strategy

Pre-acquisition due diligince

Identification of M&A targets

Operational / technology partnership strategies


Market segmentation

Competitive landscape, competitor analysis

Pricing strategies

Product/service assessment and gap analysis


Operational benchmarking

Technology platform assesment

Our Credentials

  • Experience - Main board level experience of large and global organisations.
  • Domain Knowledge - Deep understanding of all aspects of Financial Services (FS) firms and how they operate.
  • Competitive Landscape - Excellent knowledge of the competitive landscape of service providers into FS firms.
  • Strategic Vision - thinking strategically allows us to define innovative strategies.




By offering strategic advice we:

  • Define and validate strategy up front, before expensive, ill-concieved implementations start
  • Benchmark products and services that facilitate informative medium and long term strategies
  • Offer fast assesment of strategic choice; we bring in a depth of understanding of the market and key suppliers that exist (or are looking to enter the market)
  • Have a risk and reward sharing appetite that allows us to structure the implementation of your strategy around shared goals


'The FusionExperience Regulatory & Compliance service ensures your organisation and people can respond proactively to the changing environment; that your controls are appropriate and clearly documented; and your processes are fit for purpose'

FusionExperience's Regulatory & Compliance Solution

Organisation and People

Mock ARROW review

Regulatory horizon impact

Compliance team assessment


Operational risk assesment

AAF/SAS70 controls review and implementation

ACD responsibilities and processes


Client mandate review

Structuring and coding rules into compliance systems

Our Credentials

  • Experience - Staff with FSA, Compliance, Risk and Legal backgrounds
  • Domain Knowledge - Deep technical regulatory knowledge aligned with significant operations experience.
  • Track Record of Success - Successful delivery of complex regulatory change projects.
  • Strategic Vision - We act as trusted advisors for the regulatory framework.




Our regulatory and compliance skills allow us to :

  • Turn Compliance 'box tickers' into advisors and sources of competitive advantage
  • Ensure all appropriate control and regulatory frameworks are in place and up-to-date
  • Improve client service through full understanding of mandates by all of the business
  • Assist STP of trades and reduce mandate breaches


'We have a unique approach and exclusive access to industry specialists in this essential but niche area, where there is a real skills shortage'

FusionExperience's Approach

Our People - A team of recognised industry experts who offer advice on all aspects of the business and work with management to ensure efficent and confidential assignement delivery.

Expertise - With a proven track record of defining, creating and building T&D businesses, our experience and expertise are unrivalled.  We also advise on sales strategy and relationship management.  We have guided several organisations through the Business Case and regulatory submission process.

Processes - FusionExperience has a robust methodology for reviewing existing documentation, processes, procedures and controls to ensure they comply with regulations and client expectations.  We can advise on how to strengthen as well as streamline both an operating model and product knowledge.

Trustee and Depositary Expertise

Client Facing

  • Service Definition
  • Sales and relationship strategy
  • Onboarding and client transition
  • New Product launch and integration


  • Operating Model design
  • Risk assesment, process mapping, control review
  • Procedure documentation, validation and delivery

Legal and Compliance

  • Risk and compliance frameworks
  • FCA submission and technical advice

The Client

  • Business case and cost benefit analysis
  • Board Advice
  • Resourcing from intern to Managing Director



Client Experience

we have sucessfully conducted many projects for our clients, including:

  • Building of business case to apply to establish T&D business in the UK: UK Branch of Global Investment Bank
  • Production of business plan and guidance on application for regulatory permission to set up T&D business in UK: Global Investment Bank
  • Placement of a dozen significant T&D hires: Multiple organisations 2013-2014
  • Advice on new UK Trustee and Depository partner: International Asset Manager
  • Production of procedures and Operating Model Design: Global Investment Bank
  • Onboarding complex clients: Various Organisations



'We have the proven ability not only to advise on Fund strategy in terms of market leadership and dealing with regulatory change, but also deliver the strategy in a pragmatic, professional and cost effective manner'

FusionExperience's Approach

FusionExperience's Product Development Capability combines deep product and investment knowledge with excellent change control and management to deliver products to market quickly, profitably and robustly.

Our Fund Rationalisation three stage approach: Benchmark, Architect, Deliver can deliver up to 40% savings in middle and back office costs.

FusionExperience's Product Approval Process answers the question:- "Can we manufacture it?", "Can we operate it?","Can and should we sell it?"

Experienced interim Product Management Resources respond to regulatory and organisational initiatives and reduce the risk of the recruitment process

Product Expertise

We have delivered and managed all major fund types across all major jurisdictions and asset classes:


  • OEICS, and Unit Trusts (UCITS, NURS, QIS) - traditional, alpha extension and absolute return
  • Investment Trusts


  • OEICS, CCF's


  • SICAVs, FCPs


  • Cayman, Channel Islands, Mauritius
  • Hedge Funds - master feeders, LLPs, SPC/PCC
  • Structured Products, ;everage arrangements (ASO,VFN)



Client Experience

we have sucessfully conducted many projects for our clients, including:

  • provided product strategy review and new range of Risk Profile Fund of Funds (NURS schemes): UK Insurance Company
  • Delivered a Dublin multi-manager platform with £4bn for a: Global Wealth Manager
  • Provided Interim Head of Hedge Fund Product Development: UK Asset Manager
  • Delivered a series of hedge funds across multiple asset classes:International Asset Manager
  • Taken complex fund structures through AIFMD and UCITS1V across multiple organisations
  • Reviewed product strategy and created and delivered Fund consolidation roadmap


'The powerful combination of our track record and the ability of our consultancy team will make even the most complicated of processes achievable. When streamlining your operating model, use a partner guaranteed to deliver on time and on budget'

FusionExperience's Approach

We can add value at any part of the business process outsourcing lifecycle.

Using our experience and knowledge of suppliers capabilities, we can create an innovative operations architecture that can dramatically reduce cost, improve scalability, and reduce errors.

Using our continually refreshed supplier knowledge we can rapidly draw up short lists with full justifications.

Using our knowledge of supplier capability and market costs we can rapidly asses and negotate with competing suppliers.

Using our experience of operations, and the CMMI for acqusition best practice reference model we can design the service management framework.

We can asses existing arrangements against our knowledge of market practice to enable effective renegotiation of contracts

We can asses the arrangements against the CMMI for acquisition best practice reference model to improve the alignment of outsource service delivery with business goals



Client Experience

we have sucessfully conducted many projects for our clients, including:

  • Outsource of all fund operations for Luxembourg range of funds with global distribution: Global Investment Bank
  • Complete operating model design, selection of suppliers and implementation : UK Asset Manager
  • Selection of outsource suppliers and management of migration: International Asset Manager
  • Benchmarking of outsource contracts against market practice: Global Fund Manager
  • Migration of TA from a mixed service model to single outsource supplier: UK Asset Manager




The Challenge

Compliance with Anti-money Laundering Regulatory (AML) requirements continues to dominate agenda for compliance departments. Financial Regulators are still identifying failings in firms’ compliance with these requirements. In addition, firms will need to address the recommendations of the Basel Committee on Banking on how to manage the risks related to money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

Firms operating on a global basis will need to demonstrate a robust compliance framework ensuring that each territory has sufficient oversight, and that AML regulatory requirements are being adhered to at both a local and global level.

FusionExperience's Ignoto Platform

The advanced automation within Ignoto can be used to scan large volumes of financial transactions, such as SWIFT messages. Unstructured notes can be analysed as well as structured financial information. This is compared to other KYC data and AML policy documents.  Alerts are generated by algorithms and fuzzy logic.

Typical Outcomes

  • Robust and secure policies and procedures can be established or validated for compliance of AML and OFAC regulations
  • AML and KYC anomalies are identified together with recommendations for improvements in process controls and risk protocols

Typical Timescales

Ignoto projects can be initiated very quickly.  On the assumption that data is available, even very large amounts of data can be rapidly ingested. Anomaly identification can start within days.

Depending on the quality and completeness of the data, and the nature of anomalies found, these projects can conclude within weeks or may prove to deliver ongoing and continuous benefit.




The Challenge

Organisations are required by regulation to know more and more about their clients before doing business with them. This is also important for managing agency relationships and compliance with Anti-Bribery legislation. As well as organisations themselves, legal firms are engaged identify fraud within their clients' business and they need to be able to do this both quickly and accurately.

FusionExperience's Ignoto Solution

The data concerning clients is very disparate located across a number of different sources in both structured and unstructured formats.  In order to truly Know Your Client, this needs to be brought together in a meaningful way.  Data is ingested into Ignoto from multiple sources. Hand written forms, email and voice conversations can be combined and are simply viewable.  This can be added to structured data that is held across multiple legacy applications.  Additional intelligence is held in the public domain, for example credit agencies and Companies House. This can be imported and matched to the data held within the organisation.  Ignoto delivers a single client view across the enterprise that is available across all sources. This allows insight that has not been seen before.

Typical Outcomes

  • Multi-million pound savings have been made from the detection of fraudulent transactions
  • Legal organisations have achieved increased revenue fees for better work done more efficiently

Typical Timescales

Ignoto projects can be initiated very quickly. On the assumption data is available, even very large amounts can be rapidly ingested.  Anomaly identification can start within days.  Depending on the quality and completeness of the data, and the nature of anomalies found, these projects can conclude within weeks or may prove to deliver ongoing and continuous benefit.

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