The smart data investigation and surveillance platform

With partners, we set out to create industry specific solutions to transform the way organisations use their data in order to meet complex business challenges.

Speed, Adapt, Clarify and Scale

We build solutions that enable applications to unlock the value hidden in data across all industries.  Our products accelerate, enhance and scale our customers' expertise to enable smarter business decisions.


We rapidly ingest and index structured and unstructured data to deliver immediate benefit, and find valuable business insight sooner.


We collect and adapt all relevant data into a single, coherent managed form to allow organizations to make relevant business decisions.


By transforming the data into meaningful entities, their properties' connections are brought to life in a context relevant to the business.


Our solutions are engineered to manage the volume, variety and velocity of ‘big data’. The architecture is designed for massive concurrent scalability.

Ignoto Applications

Partners, corporates, regulators, governments and non-profit institutions use Ignoto to develop applications across the world to free data and solve complex business problems


An application designed to allow Companies and Law Firms to accurately manage and extract value from their intellectual property assets and those of their clients.

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Data Investigations

Ignoto has been deployed to both our partners and our clients to allow the efficient investigation of complex data.  Structured and unstructured data is combined to identify previously unseen patterns and insights.  This capability can be used for criminal investigations, fraud detection and error prevention.

PPI Exposure analysis

Together with one of our Partners we have developed the capabilities to handle the ingestion and analysis of credit card statements in order to efficiently and accurately calculate PPI exposure.

Ombudsman Analysis

Ingestion and analysis of published Ombudsman decisions in order to gain unique insights

Derivatives Risk Management

In conjunction with one of our partners Ignoto has been used to achieve deconstruction of complex financial contracts to allow efficient searching of terms, and the application of Rating Agency data to derive capital and risk indices.


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Financial market monitoring

Automated monitoring of external websites and social media, to identify anomalies and exceptions that require in depth investigation.  Accuracy is increased and costs reduced.


Automated Cost Control

With a partner we have used Ignoto to automate invoice and contract reconciliation, in order to identify invoicing errors within complex contracts.

Legacy Data Migration

The analysis and conversion of legacy data held on a combination of legacy systems, spreadsheets and unstructured data.  When converting to a new system, data redundancy and anomalies can be automatically identified and resolved, before conversion.


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