July 2021

Today we are excited to announce a brand new capability from our Cyber Security partner RedShield….. Second-Factor Authentication (2FA) Shields.
The team have developed an easy to implement and cost effective alternative for organisations struggling to enable 2FA across their applications, particularly legacy apps. 
Without needing to touch application code, these shields work by requiring users to provide a code supplied via either a selected TOTP authentication system or via SMS message (depending on customer preference). 
Using this capability, they can implement 2FA across multiple different applications within days, without the need for development resource and without interfering with user experience.

This capability is continuing to evolve to encompass other Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) challenge methods. If you have a specific requirement or are interested in standardising your workforce on an existing method, get in touch.
For more information and detailed service descriptions on both TOTP and SMS based 2FA shielding see below:




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