February 2020

London, UK

The Shopworks Delivers on its Commitment to Protecting User Data

RedShield Security, LLC is pleased to announce they will provide web application shielding & security services to The Shopworks, the UK’s fastest growing cloud-based workforce management solution provider. Their services will protect Shopworks’ on-line applications and the data of their 150,000 and growing, user base.

“We’re proud that The Shopworks has chosen us to protect their users and it’s a commitment we take seriously,” says Jason Decker, VP Business Development at RedShield. “They were clear from the outset that they would only trust this task to a company with proven technology and strong processes. Our award-winning technology, world class service and ISO27001information security certified processes fit their requirements. We believe our unique approach reduces their threat risk significantly through the constant discovery and faster remediation of vulnerabilities.”

“Our established ISO27001 process ensures that data protection and security are driving factors in the lifecycle of our application infrastructure. As such, we are delighted to be partnering with RedShield to implement their comprehensive suite of proactive monitoring, protection and 24/7 threat analysis tools across our AWS cloud hosted platforms,” says Nick Hill, CTO, at The Shopworks. “Backed by RedShield’s award winning products and service levels, we will continue to provide our customers and partners with an unrivalled level of protection over their applications and data.”

The Shopworks and its newly launched fintech app fastPAYE immediately benefits from RedShield’s proprietary Shielding solution that reduces the application threat surface by clearing vulnerabilities present in applications, without touching a single line of the code. In addition, the Shopworks will receive a comprehensive suite of proactive monitoring, protection and threat analysis tools, a fully managed cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF), Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection, Anti-Automation/Bot detection and prevention, and weekly application scanning included as part of the service. Every part of the Shopworks cloud ecosystem will be monitored and managed by RedShield’s expert security analyst team 24/7. 



RedShield Security, LLC

Jason Decker

VP Business Development

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The Shopworks

Nick Hill


+44330 323 0596

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About RedShield

A global provider of cloud-based web application security solutions and services. RedShield is the world’s first and only web application shielding-with-a-service cybersecurity company. RedShield’s offering combines superior web application shielding software with industry-leading cybersecurity services, enduring the right shields are deployed quickly, minimizing impact and risk to the business. For more information, please visit www.redshield.co

About The Shopworks
A cloud-based, bespoke workforce management solutions provider specializing in the Hospitality, Leisure, Retail and Service sectors. Their staff scheduling solutions improves staff management and efficiencies in budgeting, scheduling and training; helping their customers save as much as 7% on staff costs. They are an ISO 27001 information security certified organization. They have recently launched an innovative Salary advance application; fastPAYE For more information, please visit www.theshopworks.com

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