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July 2019


CyberExperience, powered by award winning RedShield provides a world first “24/7 Cyber Security at-your-service” offering that shields & protects web applications.

Our solution can provide valuable benefits to your organisation immediately by protecting you against cyber threats and hackers who will already be attempting to compromise your systems and steal your data.

The one thing you can guarantee is that your web presence is under attack. Please take a few moments to read about our offering and how we can help you both now and into the future.

Web applications suffer from the balancing of staying secure with that of constant updating.

Change is constant, this is due to Compliance, Regulation, Developments, Maintenance and migrating between 3rd party cloud applications.  There is never enough resource and if breaches occur then claims impact the overheads and reputational risk can cause many awkward questions as to why and how this could have been allowed to happen.

The way the security industry works can be inflexible, sadly leaving gaps due to impracticalities. Is it enough to wish and hope that a hacker or criminal won’t pursue those gaps? Time to fix can be lengthy, especially when legacy systems are involved. Can you really deploy fixes fast enough to prevent the determined hacker?

Fortunately, the problem can be solved another way – shielding - 100% assured.

Our shields are deployed at FTSE100 corporates already. One customer double ‘pen’ tested our protection because they were so surprised at how quickly we had mitigated their vulnerabilities. They were informed their application(s) were 100% covered, all done confidentially and swiftly!

We also provide a free hygiene assessment to help businesses identify areas of potential vulnerability across their web presence easily. This information is discovered using publicly available data sources.  Compared to other such assessments our report doesn’t just tell developers where to look, it translates directly into actionable protection that can in a few days assure even the most obsolete of web applications.

If you would like more detailed information of the potential issues found in your security hygiene review and how we can quickly help you resolve your issues, or simply just to learn more visit  Immediately!

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