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We fuse together innovation, experience and technology

to provide smart data from big data, cost effectively


Ignoto – A portfolio of smart data applications. They harvest, understand, analyse and report on structured and unstructured data.

These applications enable organisations to unlock the value hidden in big data across industry.  Our applications speed, extend and scale our customers' expertise to facilitate smarter business decisions.

Challenges addressed include automated invoice and contract reconciliation, deconstruction of complex financial contracts , legacy data migration, financial market monitoring and surveillance.

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Advisory and Consulting

Advisory Services- bringing you the most senior people for specialist projects such as Big Data, Business Strategy, Cyber Security, Data Discovery & Life-cycle Mapping and Managed Security Services.

Consulting Services - A range of highly talented business practitioners to help ensure you deliver. Specialties include Data Science, Regulatory and Compliance, AML and KYC.

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 Big Data and Cloud Services

Combining technology, process and people to turn big data into smart data

Full lifecycle capabilities from inception through to ongoing system management and support.

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Our People

At Fusion, we have brought together a unique team of people with wide ranging industry and technical skills.  We work together as a team to realise our ambitions and deliver success to all our clients.

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