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Ignoto – A portfolio of smart data applications. They harvest, understand, analyse and report on structured and unstructured data.

These applications enable organisations to unlock the value hidden in big data across industry.  Our applications speed, extend and scale our customers' expertise to facilitate smarter business decisions.

Challenges addressed include automated invoice and contract reconciliation, deconstruction of complex financial contracts , legacy data migration, financial market monitoring and surveillance.

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Advisory and Consulting

Advisory Services- bringing you the most senior people for specialist projects such as Big Data, Business Strategy, Cyber Security, Data Discovery & Life-cycle Mapping and Managed Security Services.

Consulting Services - A range of highly talented business practitioners to help ensure you deliver. Specialties include Data Science, Regulatory and Compliance, AML and KYC.

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 Big Data and Cloud Services

Combining technology, process and people to turn big data into smart data

Full lifecycle capabilities from inception through to ongoing system management and support.

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Our People

At Fusion, we have brought together a unique team of people with wide ranging industry and technical skills.  We work together as a team to realise our ambitions and deliver success to all our clients.

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  • Document Search
  • OCRs and Indexes every character (letters and numbers)
  • Integrated with the portfolio
  • Can search all historic IP/Legal data and documents as far back as possible and required
  • Competitor Information
  • Agreements (third party/inventor)
  • External source searching e.g. Lexis Nexis, Espacenet etc
  • Search and integration of external journals/publications etc
  • Live links to original patent office records within the portfolio


Key Features:

  • Preconfigured for the IP lifecycle
  • Auto-generated alerts through emails and calendar integration
  • User access security can be controlled down to field, event and action level
  • Full audit trail
  • Configure to align to your processes
  • Multiple languages supported
  • Ability to tailor screens layout and actions per user role

The workflow element further drives activities and tasks according to a company’s strategy and in alignment with jurisdictional laws. The key is to enable you to benefit from full transparency on spend, newly generated ideas, perceived risks and recognition of value. The workflow capability supports business process steps, alerts and automatic email generation. This key functionality is embedded within NovumIP, therefore data is always maintained to ensure up to the minute reporting and ensure that your different teams understand what other teams are doing. All of these will aid Executives in making qualified decisions on their IP portfolio.


  • Portfolio management
  • Inventor Portal
  • Correspondence (integrated with portfolio management)
  • Claim charting
  • Contract management
  • Standards declarations
  • Supports Royalty Awards program
  • Automated external correspondence within the portfolio
  • Litigation support
  • Invoice Matching
  • Trade mark and patent office links




  • Strengths
  • Team activity
  • Profitability
  • Candidates for divestment


  • Visualise
  • Drag and drop reporting


  • Customised reporting for Executives & Managers


Please note that all reporting is also mobile and tablet enabled


  • Instant access, with full functionality, configuration flexibility and robust security.
  • Hosting location based on client preference.
  • Full compliance for Data Protection Regulation and Export Controls.
  • Full service management, provision for backup, disaster recovery and automatic software upgrades.




NovumIP has been architected to integrate from the start with close coupling between its IP process management functionality and its award winning document management platform. You would not be surprised therefore that integration: with enterprise reporting tools (e.g. Business Objects); enterprise integration platforms (e.g. Informatica); and with IDM/SSO for seamless operation for your end users, is simple and painless. In addition the flexibility of the NovumIP platform allows you to make choices in how you include associated IP processes like Docketing, Licensing or Renewals. In short NovumIP will integrate within your enterprise both from a system and process perspective which helps to embed advanced IP Portfolio Management at the heart of your Intellectual Property business.


We can partner with your existing IT services provides if you should so choose, or you can migrate to the new NovumIP modules so that you can ensure you have the best solution for your business safe in the knowledge that your end users will experience a seamless service whatever you choose. This makes it easy to deploy rapidly with support for any computing platform, remote working and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) without compromising security and the integrity of your data and still have the option of switching components in the future as better solutions become available. The following are key benefits:


Migration of disparate systems to NovumIP realises benefits of reduced overhead, single source of data, decommissioning of legacy systems (e.g. Lotus Notes) and lower data management costs.

  • Architecture – the inventor portal, the core portfolio data and discrete files can be stored and managed independently thus mitigating any international disclosure or data disclosure rules.
  • Transformation – NovumIP includes a BPMN process management platform to enable the maximum benefits to be realized through process change as well as through harmonized data and workflow.
  • Extensible – NovumIP is extensible and modular so new functionality can be easily added to support more of the business process, data and people.
  • Configurable – the language in NovumIP is configurable to your business language. As part of the deployment exercise, NovumIP is configured to how your business manages its portfolio and the language it uses thus removing barriers to facilitate the speedy achievement of success.
  • International – NovumIP supports 28 international languages, multiple time zones and global teams in the one platform. NovumIP brings your IP portfolio team together in new ways as they share information and workflow without even realizing that they are doing so.

Head of IT

“I have seen people embrace NovumIP as the go-to system and a place where all daily work can be carried out thus seeing a growth in system use, a reduction in personal files and Excels (private silos of key data) and an organic shift to real time information reporting as opposed to working on legacy reports from questionable information. This also smoothed out spikes in support requirements at key reporting periods as people used the data on a day to day basis and therefore always enhanced and corrected the data”.

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